Starblast Wiki

Agility is an upgradable statistic that differs for each ship. Upgrading agility will affect the ship acceleration and the ship turning rate. This is located at the 8th upgrade GUI and can be upgraded by pressing [8].

Acceleration is the rate at which a ship can accelerate to its max speed. Acceleration and Friction affect how fast a ship can decelerate to zero with RCS on or to max speed after being rammed with RCS off. It is measured in unit/s². For example, a maxed Advanced-Fighter has 100 unit/s² acceleration and 80 unit/s max speed, so if it is stationary, it takes (80 unit/s)/(100 unit/s²) = 0.8 seconds to accelerate to max speed. Another example, the U-Barricade. It takes 120/55 s = 2.18 seconds to reach max speed from zero speed.

Turning rate is the rate at which the ship can turn or change directions. It is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). For example, a maxed FuryStar has 180 RPM turning rate, which is 3 Hz (3 cycles/second).

Extreme Values[]

These extreme values are for vanilla. Other mods have lower and higher values.


Highest acceleration

Highest turning rate


Lowest acceleration

Lowest turning rate (15): Bastion