The Alpha Centauri Wars (later Alpha Orionis Wars) are a series of huge team mode events open to the community consisting of 4 teams (although in the past it had 3 & 5), usually with each garnering over 50 players, and a huge map. There have been over 20 Alpha Centauri wars events to date, with a new one each month(on special occasions there can be two events per month). The Alpha Centauri event is named after the nearest star to earth, the Alpha Centauri triple-star system, which also includes the star Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C), of which one of the events in the Alpha Centauri series was named for. The creators of the Alpha Centauri Wars are Ethereal and Ancient Sky, as well as some artistic collaboration from Commander Andromeda.

The Alpha Centauri Wars are essentially regular team mode games but with some notable changes. While a regular team mode game can have a maximum of ~65 players, Alpha Centauri Wars can regularly take an upwards of about ~250 players. It takes far more gems to upgrade the base, usually taking an upwards of 320,000 gems to fill a level 4 base, with U-series it's 640,000 gems, but it only takes less than 1% of capacity to repair. The aliens at the sun are also far stronger but have a much higher gem yield. Due to a combination of these changes, Alpha Centauri Wars tend to last several hours; some in the past have lasted over eight hours. This event now often uses mods; KEST is often used but U-Series, Nautic Series, and Alien Intrusion have been used in the past as well.

Start Times

ACW Name Month Asia Europe America
Proxima Centauri (χ > chi sector) Jul 2017 N/A 2017-07-08T16:00Z 2017-07-15T16:00Z
Alpha Sector> α Sep 2017-09-16T07:00Z 2017-09-16T13:00Z 2017-09-16T19:00Z
Beta Sector> β Oct 2017-10-14T07:00Z 2017-10-14T13:00Z 2017-10-14T19:00Z
Gamma Sector> γ Nov 2017-11-??T??:00Z 2017-11-??T??:00Z 2017-11-??T??:00Z
Delta Sector> Δ δ Dec 2017-12-02T08:00Z 2017-12-02T14:00Z 2017-12-02T20:00Z
Epsilon Sector> ε Jan 2018 2018-01-13T08:00Z 2018-01-13T14:00Z 2018-01-13T20:00Z
Zeta Sector> ζ Feb 2018-02-17T08:00Z 2018-02-17T14:00Z 2018-02-17T20:00Z
Eta Sector> η Mar 2018-03-16T08:00Z 2018-03-17T14:00Z 2018-03-18T20:00Z
Theta Sector> θ Apr* 2018-04-13T07:00Z 2018-04-14T13:00Z 2018-04-15T19:00Z
Iota Sector> ι May 2018-05-18T07:00Z 2018-05-19T13:00Z 2018-05-20T19:00Z
Kappa Sector> κ Jun 2018-06-16T07:00Z 2018-06-16T13:00Z 2018-06-17T19:00Z
Lambda Sector> λ Jul 2018-07-14T07:00Z 2018-07-14T13:00Z 2018-07-15T19:00Z
Mu Sector> μ Sep 2018-09-15T07:00Z 2018-09-15T13:00Z 2018-09-16T19:00Z
Nu Sector> ν Oct 2018-10-20T07:00Z 2018-10-20T13:00Z 2018-10-21T19:00Z
Xi Sector> ξ Nov* 2018-11-17T08:00Z 2018-11-17T14:00Z 2018-11-18T20:00Z
Omicron Sector> ο Dec 2018-12-15T08:00Z 2018-12-15T14:00Z 2018-12-16T20:00Z
Pi Sector> π Jan 2019 2019-01-19T08:00Z 2019-01-19T14:00Z 2019-01-20T20:00Z
Rho Sector> ρ Feb 2019-02-16T08:00Z 2019-02-16T14:00Z 2019-02-17T20:00Z
Sigma Sector> σ Mar 2019-03-16T08:00Z 2019-03-16T14:00Z 2019-03-17T20:00Z
N/A 2019-03-16T14:22Z 2019-03-17T20:19Z
Tau Sector> τ Apr* 2019-04-20T07:00Z 2019-04-20T13:00Z 2019-04-20T19:00Z
Upsilon Sector> υ May 2019-05-18T07:00Z 2019-05-18T13:00Z 2019-05-19T19:00Z
Firestorm over Proxima Jun 2019-06-15T07:00Z 2019-06-15T13:00Z 2019-06-16T19:00Z
Phi Sector> φ 2019-06-22T07:00Z 2019-06-22T13:00Z 2019-06-23T19:00Z
Nautic Sector Jul 2019-07-20T07:00Z 2019-07-20T13:00Z 2019-07-21T19:00Z
Rho Sector 2> ρ Sep 2019-09-14T07:00Z 2019-09-14T13:00Z 2019-09-15T19:00Z
Alien Intrusion ACW 2019-09-21T07:00Z 2019-09-21T13:00Z 2019-09-22T19:00Z
Omega Sector> ω Oct 2019-10-19T07:00Z 2019-10-19T14:00Z 2019-10-20T19:00Z
Lost sector Nov* 2019-11-16T08:00Z 2019-11-16T14:00Z 2019-11-17T20:00Z
Last sector Dec 2019-12-14T08:00Z 2019-12-14T14:00Z 2019-12-15T20:00Z

* Times change for DST

Mods and Notes

ACW Name Mod Notes
Proxima Centauri (χ > chi sector) First Ever ACW
Alpha Sector> α
Beta Sector> β
Gamma Sector> γ One year anniversary of Starblast
Delta Sector> Δ δ
Epsilon Sector> ε
Zeta Sector> ζ Healing Lasers last event on same day
Eta Sector> η first event on 3 different days
Theta Sector> θ
Iota Sector> ι Two Team ACW last event on 3 different days
Kappa Sector> κ First ACW with Aliens first event on 2 different days
Lambda Sector> λ 1 year Anniversary of ACW
Mu Sector> μ KEST First modded ship tree
Nu Sector> ν KEST
Xi Sector> ξ U-Series 2 Year anniversary of Starblast
Omicron Sector> ο KEST
Pi Sector> π
Rho Sector> ρ
Sigma Sector> σ 2 servers for Europe and America
Tau Sector> τ Strafe Enabled event on same day
Upsilon Sector> υ KEST
Firestorm over Proxima U-Series + Aliens spawn at star only
Phi Sector> φ Marauder Showcase The Marauder was added
Nautic Sector Nautic Series 2 Year Anniversary of ACW
Rho Sector 2> ρ
Alien Intrusion ACW Alien Intrusion version 5.0
Omega Sector> ω
Lost sector 3 year anniversary of Starblast
Last sector

Control Info (Win Records)

ACW Name Asia Europe America
Proxima Centauri (χ > chi sector) N/A PMF HC
Alpha Sector> α HC
Beta Sector> β NWAC HC
Gamma Sector> γ CSF NWAC
Delta Sector> δ NWAC HC NWAC
Epsilon Sector> ε HC
Zeta Sector> ζ CSF
Eta Sector> η UNGE NWAC
Theta Sector> θ NWAC HC UNGE
Iota Sector> ι NWAC
Kappa Sector> κ UNGE NWAC HC
Lambda Sector> λ CSF UNGE CSF
Mu Sector> μ NWAC HC
Nu Sector> ν UNGE
Xi Sector> ξ UNGE HC NWAC
Omicron Sector> ο UNGE
Pi Sector> π HC NWAC
Rho Sector> ρ NWAC
Sigma Sector> σ NWAC NWAC, UNGE UNGE x 2
Tau Sector> τ NWAC
Upsilon Sector> υ UNGE NWAC HC
Firestorm over Proxima NWAC HC UNGE
Phi Sector> φ NWAC
Nautic Sector UNGE NWAC UNGE
Rho Sector 2> ρ NWAC
Alien Intrusion ACW UNGE
Omega Sector> ω UNGE NWAC NWAC
Lost sector HC UNGE
Last sector NWAC UNGE HC


This is the official story, though it has not been updated to include Alpha Centauri Wars after the first one:

Preface · The Beginning

At 4.2 light-years (1.3 parsecs) from the Solar System, the Alpha Centauri System has one of the most important planets of the Galaxy: Proxima Centauri b (Alpha Centauri Cb). Discovered on the terrestrial year 2016 in the Habitability Zone of the red dwarf Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C), scientists began to speculate about the possibility that there was life there. It would be two decades later, in 2036, when NASA sent the mission 'Breakthrough Starshot', with the objective of study in detail the geological, atmospheric and possibly biological characteristics of the planet.

After a long exchange of information between the mission's probes and the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), NASA published a detailed report with two unprecedented discoveries: there was life in Proxima Centauri b. But, in addition, on the planet, there was a unique mineral until then unknown: the Frotmerium. This mineral, formed due to the astrophysical characteristics of the star Proxima Centauri and the tectonic activity of Proxima Centauri b, has a very interesting particularity: we will not go into the mineralogical details because that would require a complete article, but the Frotmerium, due to its peculiar crystalline structure, can compress and store an enormous amount of energy in a little space, which makes it extremely attractive for the interstellar and intergalactic travels. All the Earth Space Agencies began to send Mining Vessels to exploit the Frotmerium ores, while they discovered that in Proxima Centauri b there were intelligent humanoids living in the equatorial regions.

In the year 3900, the Earth received an unexpected transmission from the Alpha Centauri System: the terrestrial miner fleets had been intercepted and attacked by unknown ships. The message was clear, putting in check to all the nations of the Earth and also to the Proxima Centauri b inhabitants. Earth lost millions and millions of dollars for the destroyed spaceships, but Earth lost more for the thousands of humans, a lot of them very skilled pilots, who died during the attack.

On March 13, 4300, the UN received a message in an unknown language. After their decoding, they were learned that the message's emitters were the attackers of the Alpha Centauri System ships: pilots from a very advanced civilization coming from the Galactic Halo, and who threatened to exterminate anyone who went through the Alpha Centauri System with the intention of taking the valued Frotmerium.

On March 15 of the same year, the Earth received a new message, this time coming from the native civilization of Proxima Centauri b: the invaders were exterminating them little by little, doing with them immorals experiments and enslaving them to extract the mineral. The transmission transmitter was nothing more and nothing less than the leader of one of the planet clans, hidden with his family in a deep cave in the equatorial region. And he asked Humanity for help.

Chapter 1 · The First Alpha Centauri War

On Saturdays July 8 and 15, 4337, the Earth Forces sent huge fleets with a lot of warships to the Sector 22 or χ, where Proxima Centauri b is located The mission: take revenge and establish peace. The captains were of three terrestrial factions: NWAC (New World Army Citizens), UNGE (United Nations Green Eagles) and PMF (Proxima Mining Front). At first, they fought together with the Innesians, the Proxima native humanoids, who were united in a warlike association known on Earth as CSF (Centauri Space Force). The common enemy: the Astrinomitas, name given to the Halo invaders. Their main attack group was known on Earth as Halo Corsairs.

Due to several causes, in the end, the space battle became an "all against all": an arena of blood, flesh, and metal floating in space. The NWAC is fundamentally a civil organization. The tension between them and the UNGE, a military organization, was decisive. Very different ways of doing things... The PMF is a paramilitary group, with rebels pilots eager for revenge, due to the 3900 massacre. They appreciated the initial support given by NWAC and UNGE, but they wanted to do things by their way. The CSF sought independence for Proxima Centauri b and its inhabitants. They appreciated the help, but they did not trust anyone anymore. On the other hand, the Halo Corsairs are space pirates: they survive through smuggling, invasion, and extortion. They have not other way. If we add to all this the unexpected betrayals (pilots from one Faction that suddenly worked for another Faction), and the Orbital Dysfunction Syndrome ("Pandorum"), we have an unstable situation whose end was the total violence.

The July 8 Battle won the PMF. This was a relief moment for the Earth. But this relief was brief as a supernova explosion: on July 15, the Corsairs took revenge. Taken Sector 22, which houses the innesian world, the Corsairs won the First Alpha Centauri War.

Humans and Innesians are now preparing for a brutal revenge, each species by its side and in its own way, which will surely crunch the fabric of the Cosmos.

To be continued...

[End story]

The Teams

Alpha Centauri has five different teams that have not changed as of yet:

HC Info.png

Halo Corsairs The Halo Corsairs dominated the first few events, winning almost all of them. They split with yellow for the first Alpha Centauri and swept the next two Alpha Centauri's in September and October. They had no success in the next Alpha Centauri, being obliterated in the December Alpha Centauri, but then winning the European event in January. They are currently the most dominant team in Alpha Centauri, though they have taken a step back in the last two Alpha Centauri's, then they have started to come back however the team has been obliterated repeatedly, not even really getting very close to winning in most.

New World Army Citizens

NWAC info.png The New World Army Citizens were forgettable in the first couple Alpha Centauri's before being boosted by some elite pilots in the October Alpha Centauri, though they still lost that Alpha Centauri to the Corsairs. They then proceeded to win the next Alpha Centauri due to a total collapse by the Halo Corsairs, and are still a strong force to be reckoned with, though they did not win the January Alpha Centauri. They have been putting up a huge fight against United Nations Green Eagles in the more recent ACWs, including winning against them several times.

United Nations Green Eagles

UNGE info.png The United Nations Green Eagles had little success in any of the Alpha Centauri Wars before the January 2018 installment in America, where they won due to some clutch mining at the end of the game to acquire tier sevens and hold off Blue, making for the most epic Alpha Centauri yet. The United Nations Green Eagles are presumably going to make a run at winning a second in a row in the February 2018 Alpha Centauri. Since September 2019 they have been crushing the other 2 teams in ACW in most of the events, even if they lose to NWAC they still put up a major fight.

Proxima Mining Front

PMF info.png The Proxima Mining Front won the first American Alpha Centauri but failed to have any success in any Alpha Centauri since. The Proxima mining front is the least successful team in Alpha Centauri, having been crushed in every Alpha Centauri's they been in.

Centauri Space Force The Centauri Space Force is the second least successful team in all of Alpha Centauri. Furthermore, they have never come particularly close to winning an Alpha Centauri for most of the ACWs, being crushed in each installment, they have had some better luck in the recent ones when they were one of the options. They have the second lowest win count, they won their first one in February 2018 and latter won Asia and America in the first-anniversary event.


CSF info.png

For your ship in Alpha Centauri, it is favorable to have a ship that can hold its own in combat, seeing as fighting someone is inevitable. It is also favorable for the majority of your team to mine, seeing as getting to the next tier before your opponents gives you a significant mining and combat advantage. Much of the event is mining until late in the event, where massive battles between dozens of tier sevens take place. Battles do still take place though, sometimes sizable groups, and watch out for attackers on your minimap, be close to where your teammates are at, as many people hunt for people to attack! It is also smart to have a pack of missiles and maybe a Torpedo later on so you can blow up tight groups, attack pods work really well and are the second most common pod to be used behind mining pod. (If you have a Torpedo during the level 4 group attacks you can get a large amount of gems and kills) the 3 best level 6 ships are the A-speedster (for level 7 killing abilities), the Condor (for both level 7 killing and fast mining (faster than A-speedster but slower than rock tower), and the rock tower (to quickly level up the base and to get a massive amount of credits) do note it is slightly harder to get these ships since the vanilla ship tree change(s) in April-May 2018.)

Note: The same idea works with U-series and KEST but with different ships on different parts of the said trees.

Creators' Notes

  1. We will organize one event per month (12 per year), probably on mid-month weekends.
  2. The same weekend, we will organize as minimum 3 events: one for Asia/Australia (AS/AU), one for Europe (EU) and one for US/South America (AM). If there were many ping problems, we would consider opening 4 or 5 servers, one per region. The European and American events will be called 'Central Wars', and the Australian/Asian events, 'Auxiliary Wars'.
  3. Each battle will be for one of the Alpha Centauri Sectors. The complete results of the battles (Central Wars + Auxiliary Wars) will determine the dominion percentage for each sector ('Percentage of Sector Domain' or PSD), and the Map evolution. The Central Wars will account for 80% of domain (40% each) and the Auxiliary Wars 20%.
  4. For who do not want share the sector(s), we will could organize Extraordinary Battles (EB). There may be alliances that could generate puntual supermassive confrontations between 2 or 3 teams.
  5. There will be, for now, the 5 original Factions: NWAC, UNGE, PMF, CSF and Halo Corsairs. However, in the future, you will can create your own Faction to compete and participate on the story.
  6. There are some sectors that keep plot secrets.
  7. There will be a 'Hall of Fame' for the most courageous and committed pilots (one per month). There will be an Official Team Classification too.
  8. The story will evolve after each event, with an amazing Sci-Fi report accompanied with cool artwork.


Note: The official website is where much of the information here comes from, but the official website itself has not been updated in a couple months. Currently the link don't work because the website is being updated. (The new website has not been released yet, the link will be replaced with the new one)

Center Aliens

Aliens also spawn at the sun during the match. They will attack any player in range regardless of the team. Unlike aliens in regular team mode games, these aliens are far stronger and give far more gems; the yellow hirsutes and yellow saucers which spawn give enough gems to completely fill up a tier 7 ship's cargo with one kill. As of the 9-13-19 update killing these aliens as well as the regular aliens in team mode gives the player no score and no longer count towards the player's frag count.

AOW (ACW Season 2)

ACW was renamed to Alpha Orionis Wars.

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