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Battle Royale
Mod Information
Mod Version 2.0
Creator Neuronality
Number of ships 5
Mod code Click here

The Battle Royale was a fifth game mode introduced as a celebration to mark the first anniversary of This game mode was made available from the main menu for about a week, beginning around the first anniversary, but is now only playable via the creation of a custom server. It was also re-introduced a month later for a weekend with changes. This now always playable every few days via modding space.

Upon first joining a Battle Royale match, the player will be greeted by a ship selection screen and the choice between five ships (previously 3) different shipwrights. The moment the server is first started a timer will be set for two minutes. Players can join, leave, and change their ship selection freely during this period. Once the timer reaches 0:00, they connected players will spawn in with their selected ship at a random place on the map, much like in Survival or Deathmatch mode. If a ship has not been selected, the player will spawn in with a randomly assigned ship. The Battle Royale arena is solely PVP, with all names and colors being hidden to prevent teaming. Unlike in every other game mode, neither weapon energy nor shields will regenerate over time. The only method to recharge these stats is to pick up energy and shield canisters, which will fully charge the player's energy and shields respectively. These canisters, along with a random assortment of consumable secondary weapons will spawn in randomly around designated locations around the map. These are marked by a light yellow patch on the radar. Each player will only have one life and is expected to seek out and kill the remaining players. The canisters can be held in the secondary slot(s) now which is very helpful.

The Battle Royale ship selection screen

The Battle Royale ship selection screen



On the radar, there will be the standard arrangement of asteroids plus the star in the middle of the map. This map like all others is wrap-around and has a normal background. What is different is the radar. Ships are visible on the radar as a target, similar to the target icon of ships in late-game Survival Mode and the target in Deathmatch. The radar will only register a ship if it has attacked(shooting or Secondaries), been damaged(shot or asteroid collision) or has collected a secondary. After around eight seconds, the target, and therefore the ship, will disappear off the radar. There are also yellow zones marked with a lightning bolt, and the repulsive gravity field will also show up on the radar as an expanding purple circle, radiating from the sun in the center.

Ship Mechanics[]

This game mode is unlike any other. There is no automatic regeneration of shields or energy. You can collect crystals, but you can not upgrade your ship. Mining asteroids do not give you crystals. All ships start with a full amount of crystals, shield, and energy. Upon using energy or getting damaged, your shield and energy will not regenerate. You must collect energy and shield back from canisters that you collect. You then use those to get energy and shield.

Yellow Zones[]

On the radar, there will be yellow areas marked with a lightning bolt symbol. These areas are random, and range in size. Asteroids can be in them, and they are not visible except on the radar. They are where all of the secondary weapons, including the energy and shield canisters, spawn. Items spawn frequently, and multiple at once. If you are trying to stay invisible, keep away from these zones, because as you fly through there is a chance an item will appear under you and you will collect it and therefore, become visible to other ships on the radar. These are invaluable because they are the only way to get shield and energy back.


Crystals do not spawn in yellow zones. Ships start with a full cargo of them, and can only get them from hunting down and damaging other ships. In this game mode, they only act as health.

Different aspects of battle royale - Notice the secondary weapons, the scoreboard, the radar, and the interesting ship.

Warm up[]

A time period from when you join in to when it starts. You can do what you want with your ship but you can't kill anyone beforehand. You can also see names, ECP icons, skins, and colors. When this time ends you spawn in a random spot and do what you need to do to win. This was the last update to battle royal before being added to modding space. In this time period the player is allowed to use as many Secondaries as possible, but the Secondaries don't do any damage during this period.

End Game[]

To prevent an endless game where ships are constantly fleeing or avoiding combat, a repulsive gravity field will be generated that acts in the same manner as those found in a Survival match. After PLACE_HOLDER time has elapsed in the match, the gravity field will be generated on the sun and will eventually expand and push all the remaining players in the map into a small area to encourage combat, much like Survival’s survival period. Whether the repulsive gravity field has been spawned or not, the match will end if there are fewer than two players remaining. If there is a single survivor the match will end and declare that player the victor.



Just get a full load of missiles and hide.


Get lots of mines and camp near the center. Made harder by the change-making mines decay.


Ship Name Tier Designer Picture
Renegade 3 Kleinem
Cronus SchickenMan
Intrepid Finalizer
Stingray Goldman
Stingray (Intrusion & Battle Royale).png
Hammer Goldman

Removed ships[]

Ship name Tier Designer Picture
Spearhead 3 Teal Knight
Silencer Finalizer
Cayman Goldman

Note: Might not be the correct version of the ship