Starblast Wiki
523 colossus.png
Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 270/390
Shield Regen 9/13
Energy Cap 90/130
Energy Regen 25/40
Turning Rate 50/70
Acceleration 60/80
Terminal Velocity 75/90
Stats (Constant)
Tier 5
Mass 300
Designer Neuronality
Status Active

a big ship with high shields.

it lacks very much in firepower. only 2 little shots can depelt its whole energy bar unupgraded.

don't use firepower much. RAMMMMMMMM in to astroids while firing is te best way to pass this.

upgrade shield regen 3 times and bypass is the best way.



Type Energy Per Shot (Min/Max): Damage (Min/Max): Velocity (Min/Max): Mirrored: Recoil: Frequency: Error: Bullets Spread Angle (Degree(s)): # Of Lasers:
Pulse 26/34 13/17 130/180 true 0 4 7 0 0