Starblast Wiki

What is it about[]

  • The goal behind this server is to organize private teammode events with small ( 3v3/ 4v4 / 5v5 / 6v6 / 7v7 / 8v8 ) pre-decided teams. We're going to have to start small, as we don't have many people yet, but we hope to get this off the ground!
  • In order to prevent problems with playing in different regions, let @Coordinator know your region (Americas, Europe, Asia) if you wish to participate.
  • This will be a draft format, rather than permanent teams, although you are free to draft the same players through different games.
  • This is a work in progress, and things will likely change as time goes on.
  • This was an organization created by Carmé and Valiant!

How to create your own team[]

  • Find the people you want to play with, get them in here, and mention @Coordinator with your members. (Team name is optional). We'll set up a private channel for you.
  • Find another team with an equal player count to play against, and notify a coordinator to get you set up. Make sure all players can play until the end of the match. If something goes wrong, e.g., internet going out, or so forth, the match can be redone.
  • The teams should be of the same region to prevent lag from interfering. If all players are okay with playing with players from different region, then they can join.

Helpful Links[]

  • The map this game format is designed for is available in this paste, with the initial game settings. It's barebones, but it works if people follow directions not to move around until the match is set to start:


  • Stay with your group at all times to prevent getting ganged on by the other team!
  • Mine as fast as possible! Mining usually decides who is the loser and the victor.
  • Choose ships that can be good at more than one thing! e.g - The Barracuda is an excellent miner and an excellent attacker in dense fields which most of the fields in Competitive starblast are.

Game Mechanics[]

The game mode will fitted with the following mechanics:

  • Strafe - This is a new mechanic that uses the arrow keys A and D to move from left to right. There many strategies that can be used with this mechanic such as the fly in circles mechanic where you can fly in circles around the opponent by holding A or D and aiming at the opponent. Or you can spam A and D so you can dodge enemy fire! There are many more strategies implemented with strafe and is a very good strat to use and a good mechanic!
  • Healing Lasers - This is a new mechanic added to team mode that changed the way many people played the game! This update made more people think more tactically. This update lead to many players helping teammates by healing them. To heal you need to go to the station depot and click on the option where it says "Healing" when this is done your lasers turn into much more of a fun and laser which shows "+" when you heal a player. The amount the player gets healed by is determined by your ship and its stats. The game mechanic allows players to act more as a group and stops the problem with people flying solo and killing the whole team.
  • Gem-Transfer - This is a new mechanic added to team mode that allows players to drop gems for other team mates! This update furthermore allowed players to think as one and to play as one as there is no "I" in TEAM! This mechanic is done by holding "V" which allows you to drop gems by the amount you need to upgrade each stat such as a t3 can only drop 15 gems while a t6 can drop 30 gems! This is a very good strategy in team mode as you can help teammates that need gems so they can upgrade get gems and help your team get ready for danger and be prepared for opponents. This mechanic added more thought into the games and more fun things to do.


  • The ships will remain the same as vanilla.
  • If Coordinators find a ship that is being overused they will nerf the ship accordingly. For example if the A-Speedster gets used too much Coordinators would nerf in terms of speed and agility the ship's strong suit.


Here are all the nice and kind people that made it all happen!

  • Carmé
  • Valiant
  • Fight Club