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Destroy the Mothership
Mod Information
Mod Version 1.2.5
Creator Kirto & 45rfew
Number of ships 15
Mod code Click here

General Information[]

Destroy the Mothership is a mod created by Kirto and 45rfew. There are two teams; Solarium and Lunatic, each with 7 different ships to choose from; however, players cannot select their team. Each team also features a Mothership, with extremely powerful shields, high firepower, and special abilities, but moves slowly and has low agility. As the title suggests, the goal of the mode is to kill the enemy team's Mothership. Whichever team loses their Mothership first loses. Each player's ship will have the same amount of gems. Upon losing gems, they will simply disappear without dropping into crystals.
Each team has a base from which they respawn, and are immune to damage inside. If a player enters an enemy base, they begin to take damage until they either leave or die. Torpedoes and Heavy Mines also spawn in the base. Motherships do not gain invincibility inside their own base, but they die rapidly inside enemy ones. Therefore the optimal strategy was to camp in base (boring stalemate if both motherships do this, easy win if enemy mothership goes to your base) or try to push enemy motherships into your base (with Hyperspeed), until a new mechanic was added to make the mothership take damage if it is inside its own base after the round has started for 30 seconds. Behind the bases is a line of deadly barriers that only motherships can cross, as they kill any non-mothership ship instantly.


Next to shields and energy displays, two icons show the remaining health of the Motherships. Blue represents Lunatic and orange represents Solarium. If a Mothership leaves, another player on the team will receive it. However, if the enemy team has no one to serve as the Mothership or there no players left, the game will end and the other team will be considered the winner. The match will also end if either team wins. Players are rewarded with 2000 points when they kill someone.


The mothership is the key factor in this mod and should be defended at all costs. It is a hypothetical tier 8 ship, which can hold a whopping 300,000 shields and has massive firepower from the front and sides, albeit without engine protection. It also has 5 special abilities that can be activated after a certain amount of time.


Hyperspeed Gives the mothership a massive speed boost for one second. Can be used for escaping tough situations or getting somewhere... quickly. "Gives the player a stupid amount of speed, for one second. Great for escaping tough situations or ramming players." - in-game description

Missile Swarm Gives the mothership a maximum of 16 missiles to fire within a 4-second timeframe. "Allows player to spam out 4 missiles per second, for 4 seconds." - in-game description

Absolute Kuntrol Grants a large agility and small speed boost for 4 seconds. "Player's agility is increased by an absurd amount, and grants a small speed boost. Lasts for 4 seconds." - in-game description

Burst Heal Heals all friendly players within a certain radius by 10,000 shields. "Drops a healing pod that heals all players in the same team within a certain distance for 10k shield." - in-game description


Overdrive Increases the mothership's damage at the cost of shields. Lasts for 5 seconds. "Increases player's damage output by an insane amount. However the player will take damage. 5 second duration." in-game description

All abilities have a 2-minute cooldown after use. The mothership has a special icon that can be seen onscreen. The square represents what faction it belongs to; orange for Solarium and blue for Lunatic.


Lunatic Ships[]

Name Picture Basic Info
Lunatic Battleship Lunatic Battleship.png As the name suggests, the Lunatic Battleship has heavy shielding and immense firepower, although like most tank ships, has low agility and speed. Soaks up enemy fire quite well.
Lunar Blade Lunar Blade.png A crescent-shaped cruiser that fires spread bullets.
Lunatic Lobos Lunatic Lobos.png Rapid-firing double machine gun ship with recoil. Good for shooting at advancing targets.
Lunatic Phaser Lunatic Phaser.png Medium-sized ship with a single pulse cannon in the center, accompanied by 4 secondary guns.
Lunatic Invader Lunatic Invader.png A speedy fighter with double-pulse main guns and a pair of secondary cannons, although a bit lacking on the durability side.
Lunatic Tarantula Lunatic Tarantula.png A rammer that uses backwards lasers to propel itself. Has weak frontal guns.
Lunatic Falling Star Lunatic Falling Star.png Fast bomber-like ship that hurls lasers at its enemies.

Solarium Ships[]

Name Picture Basic Info
Solarium Berserker Solarium Berserker.png Medium-sized craft with slightly converging lasers - first blast is a pulse, followed by quickfire machine-gun like lasers.
Solarium Reaper Solarium Reaper.png A small interceptor with a powerful pulse laser.
Solarium Barricade Solarium Barricade.png Rounded heavy ship that fires 3 lasers at a time.
Solar Spear Solar Spear.png Heavily shielded spearhead ship with strong forward firepower.
Solarium Warder Solarium Warder.png A medium-sized fighter that fires lasers from the front and back, using recoil to move.
Solarium Artillery Solarium Artillery.png Rounded cruiser with 4 main guns, making for powerful burstfire. Has a pair of secondary cannons.
Solarium Interceptor Solarium Interceptor.png A fragile and light interceptor, excellent at hit-and-run strikes and distractions.


Leaderboard and Ship Selection[]


The leaderboard will display the top 5 players on each team, along with their score and a special icon for the ship they use.


These same ship icons will show up on the ship selection menu, which can be accessed in the base through a button.