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ECP configuration screen as viewed on the website

Elite Commander Pass (ECP) is a premium accessories key that allows several special features, and can be purchased on the main website, received in giveaways, promotions/contests organized by the Starblast developers, on steam, or the community. It is generally in the format 9736c-ad674.

An Elite Commander Pass allows access to the following features:

  • Special in-game badges:
    • Star, Reddit, Pirate, Centauri Space Force, Proxima Mining Front, New World Army Citizens, United Nations Green Eagles, Halo Corsaris, Youtube, Twitch, Invader, Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Soloist Defence Force, Paw, Gamepedia, Discord, Medic, Blank, and Seasonal
  • Special ship skins:
    • Zinc, Alloy, Gold, Titanium, Carbon
  • Custom Game Creator. (Note: Players do not need ECP to access Custom Games, only to create them.
  • Ship Editor and Tutorial. (Note: You must make a private game through the Mod Editor to use your custom ships.)
  • Rankings in Pro Deathmatch Championship. Non-ECP players are not ranked, while ECP users are ranked. Some people might appear to not have ECP, but they are only people pretending to. As seen below.
  • Removal of all advertisements from the website, allowing nearly instant respawn.
  • An option to download the standalone version of the game.
  • Survival Mode, Team Mode and Invasion games start with a fully upgraded Fly. (This is also accessible by sharing the game on Facebook or Twitter)
  • Access to the Mod Editor (Note: You don't need an ECP to join a modded game, only to make one. The Mod Editor is where you can use your custom ships.)
  • There is also an option of a blank ECP that will not show up when playing but will still give you the benefits of an ECP. if used with the zinc ship color and single shot, an ECP can pass for a non-ECP, useful to avoid team stacking, it also helps to change your name.

It is vital to note that while the ECP allows access to numerous features, none of them give a playing advantage to the player that is unavailable to non-ECP players in the actual game, with the possible exception of the removal of ads, which allows instant respawn (instant respawn for non-ECP is still available in Deathmatch, where it can give playing advantage) and starting as a fully maxed fly. Regardless, most ECP players tend to have played a long time, and thus are generally more skilled than those without it, but this is not a rubric or a result of any advantages.

ECPs are generally meant to be for the exclusive use of one person, and sharing of ECPs to other people, intentional or unintentional, is considered piracy. ECP codes that are in use by many people might be deactivated by the developers. Players who have their ECPs deactivated may e-mail the developers for a new ECP for their use, whether they have purchased the ECP or gotten it from a giveaway.

Achievable Commander Pass (Shared Unique Commander Pass)[]

Some ECP badges can be achieved by making contributions to the game. They are not custom ECPs or UCPs. Anyone can get them. They are known as sUCPs or ACPs.

Unique Commander Pass[]

This is known as UCP. Some players have a Custom ECP known as "Unique Commander Pass" (or UCP) is a term used to describe an Elite Commander Pass which has a custom badge image linked to that ECP. Custom ECPs are awarded at the discretion of the developers, and only a very low amount of players have them, generally for great contributions to the game, such as making tools, videos, financial contributions, etc. (generally over several months to a year). Aside from having a unique badge, a UCP grants no other perk or ability, this custom badge is only available for that one person ever.

X-27 was the first ever person to get a UCP