Starblast Wiki
Gem Canister
Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 100/100
Shield Regen 1/1
Energy Cap 50/50
Energy Regen 1/1
Turning Rate 10/10
Acceleration 100/100
Terminal Velocity 10/10
Stats (Constant)
Tier 1 (KEST)
Mass 10
Designer Kleinem
Status Active

The Gem-Canister is the starting ship in KEST. The only real purpose it serves is to give the player the option to start as either a Gnat or a Fly. It doesn't fire lasers or dash, meaning it has no method of fighting. It is recommended to get the Gnat or Fly as soon as the player joins the game, as this can be done with on-screen buttons. Note: you do not see this when playing ACW with this tree.

Starblast gem canister.png