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Sometimes, returning back to home base is just not reasonable. Sometimes, you need to have the hangar teleported to your position, so that you can switch/tune your ship here and now.

Teleporting an entire hangar is stupid. Really. But it is possible to teleport ships, or even their pieces, if said pieces are properly designed.

And that's what Hotswap Fighter is all about.

The Core is a fragile-yet-agile fighter of low DPS, featuring two rapid-ish medium-recoil weapons. It is built to run away and survive, not to fight.

And most importantly, it is built to dock with HF-Dockables. So far, 2 Dockables are available:

Heavy Pulse is a nice little heavy fighter, featuring, you guessed it, a heavy pulse. It has a reasonable amount of ships and decent DPS and agility.

Light Pulse is the opposite. It doesn't really address the fragile-yet-agile situation of the Core, but it does provide additional DPS and a nice, large pulse weapon to play with. Oh, and two GIANT, as big as the Core, engines, for exceptional acceleration.

Upon being critically deshielded, HF doesn't teleport out of the battle; instead, the disposable(they're really cheap) Dockable channels some of it's remaining energy into an electronics-disrupting burst, and the other some into Core's shields. The latter quickly undocks and boosts out of the hussle, just to come back attached to a new Dockable.


  • Core fighter is fast and agile - yet not that great for actual combat.
  • Try to avoid combat while piloting the core.
  • Core's small size doesn't justify it's trashy combat capabilities.
  • Heavy Pulse platform - simple, efficient, deadly.

Hotswap Fighter - Core Core - a small, fragile-but-agile fighter, lacking firepower while specializing in staying alive.

Hotswap Fighter.png

Hotswap Fighter - Heavy Pulse Dockable Heavy Pulse Dockable - an extension/dockable for Hotswap Fighter, that transforms it into a heavy, powerful beast equipped with a pulse weapon.

Hotswap Pulse.png

Hotswap Fighter - Light Pulse DockableLight Pulse Dockable - a dockable platform specializing in agility, rather than shields or firepower.

Hotswap Light Pulse.png

Hotswap Fighter - Bomber DockableBomber Dockable - science proved a long time ago that bullet speed is overrated. This dockable is designed according to that.

Hotswap Bomber.png

Hotswap Fighter - Sniper Dockable Sniper Dockable - Hotswap was originally designed with close-range combat in mind, but it quickly became clear that there is demand for a LRA outfit.

Hotswap Sniper.png

Hotswap Fighter - Rammer Dockable Rammer Dockable - where we're going, we don't need guns. All we need is a rigid shell, a high-tech collision dampening system, and an impulse engine.

Hotswap Rammer.png