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These ships are typically very tough, heavy and powerful, however are easy targets to hit due to their large size and very low mobility.

Many have a round shape, and typically weapons are powerful and slow-firing, though this is not always the case.

A good choice for players who wish to be able to take and deal heavy hits, without having to worry about dodging.

Tier 1[]

Ship Name Designer Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Bee ThirdEyeMan N/A Zadra, Cyclops

Tier 2[]

Ship Name Designer Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Zadra Void (Remodel by ThirdEyeMan) Bee Stalker, Calliber
Cyclops ThirdEyeMan Obridion, Omega-Defender

Tier 3[]

Ship Name Designer Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Stalker Void (Remodel by ThirdEyeMan) Zadra Kaell-Defender, Heavy-Bomber
Calliber Senko Brigadier, Breacher
Obridion ThirdEyeMan Cyclops Crusader, Harpoon
Omega-Defender Lexagon (Remodel by ThirdEyeMan) Mauler, Dracula

Tier 4[]

Ship Name Designer Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Kaell-Defender Kiritokun Stalker Colonist, Double-Barrel
Heavy-Bomber Kiritokun (Remodel by ThirdEyeMan) Eradicator, Barricade
Brigadier Lexagon Calliber Spartan, Titan
Breacher Colossus, Bulk-Defender
Crusader Neuronality Obridion Settler, Chariot
Harpoon Supernova Beserk, Bull
Mauler AdmiralForever Omega-Defender Carrier, Bat-Defender
Dracula Supernova Stronghold, Gamma-Defender

Tier 5[]

Ship Name Designer Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Colonist ThirdEyeMan Kaell-Defender Axion, Rampage
Double-Barrel Lexagon Bison, Energen
Eradicator ThirdEyeMan Dive-Bomber Archon, Uranium
Barricade Kiritokun Enigma, Celestium
Spartan Lexagon Brigadier Gladiator, Buccaneer
Titan Kiritokun Ragnarok, Bulwark
Colossus Breacher Liberator, Zenith
Bulk-Defender Astral-Defender, Ignition
Settler KLEINEM Crusader Voyager, Kevlar
Chariot Supernova Metallum, Boulder
Beserk ThirdEyeMan Harpoon Tenacity, Yurei
Bull Hammerhead, Barracuda
Carrier Kiritokun Mauler Rottweiler, Adamant
Bat-Defender Neuronality Bruiser, Draconite
Stronghold ThirdEyeMan Dracula Atomic, O-Defender
Gamma-Denfender Lexagon Gamma-Warrior, Alpha-Defender

Tier 6[]

Ship Name Designer Upgrades From Upgrades To Picture
Axion Kiritokun Colonist N/A
Rampage ThirdEyeMan
Bison Double-Barrel
Archon Serendibite Eradicator
Uranium AdmiralForever
Enigma ThirdEyeMan Barricade
Celestium Senko (Remodel by Kiritokun)
Gladiator ThirdEyeMan Spartan
Ragnarok Vennex Titan
Bulwark Nova
Liberator Tez Colossus
Zenith Nova
Astral-Defender AdmiralForever Bulk-Defender
Ignition ThirdEyeMan
Voyager Settler
Kevlar Lexagon
Metallum Nova Chariot
Boulder Supernova (Remodel by Lexagon)
Tenacity Serendibite (Remodel by Kiritokun) Beserk
Yurei Vennex
Hammerhead ThirdEyeMan Bull
Barracuda Neuronality
Rottweiler Vennex Carrier
Adamant Supernova
Bruiser ThirdEyeMan Bat-Defender
Atomic Stronghold
Gamma-Warrior Gamma-Defender
Alpha-Defender Lexagon