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The map is what determines the size of the playable field in Starblast along with the pattern/manner in which asteroids are placed. There are currently 10000 maps available to be chosen from, ranging from 0000 to 9999. For each map, there are 19 available sizes ranging from "Micro" to "Huge". Maps are slightly different for team mode by there being a clear ring around the center of the map for the space stations. As of the 11-13-2019 update sparse maps generate far less often.

Map Size Result
Size : 20 1.png
Size : 30 2.png
Size : 40 3.png
Size : 50 4.png
Size : 60 5.png
Size : 70 6.png
Size : 80 7.png
Size : 90 8.png
Size : 100 9.png
Size : 110 10.png
Size : 120 11.png
Size : 130 12.png
Size : 140 13.png
Size : 150 14.png
Size : 160 15.png
Size : 170 16.png
Size : 180 17.png
Size : 190 18.png
Size : 200 19.png


For Dueling one of the best maps is 4990. This map is an excellent map for dueling as there is a distinct area to mine and get ready for duels and an area to setup a duel and get started with no asteroids blocking you from having a great duel.

If you want to create custom map pattern (ECP & modding skill required), visit here.

Starblast duel.PNG