Starblast Wiki
Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 425/500
Shield Regen 12/14
Energy Cap 225/275
Energy Regen 45/60
Turning Rate 80/105
Acceleration 90/100
Terminal Velocity 85/100
Stats (Constant)
Tier 6 (Nautic Series)
Mass 500
Designer Goldman
Status Active

The Narwhal is a Tier 6 ship in the Nautic Series mod. It is a much stronger, tier 6 version of the Swordfish as they have very similar ship designs and both dash and ram to damage enemy ships. The Narwhal has very high mass and can easily knock tier 7 ships far away with its dash. Its dashes can also be used to dodge lasers to avoid potentially lethal pulses.


This ship is very good in maps with a dense asteroid field and very poor in maps with a sparse asteroid field. It needs dense asteroid fields for mining fast (without shield) and for ramming enemies into them (with shield).

If you use this ship, it is recommended to max shield regen first, energy regen, ship speed, and then the rest of the stats. Until maxed, it is usually best to use the ship's speed to run away, unless the enemy is already weak enough for you to kill.

this ship is very fast and OP when maxed.



bases and ONLY bases because ramming in to bases won't damage them, unless you have mines to place.


  1. Beaked Whale
  2. Angler
  3. Dolphin
  4. any ships with midium or low mass; can also kill high mass ships and even T7s in dense astroid fields


Type Energy Per Shot (Min/Max): Damage (Min/Max): Velocity (Min/Max): Mirrored: Recoil: Frequency: Error: Bullets Spread Angle (Degree(s)): # Of Lasers:
Dash 75/100 75/100 185/230 N/A N/A 3 N/A 0 N/A