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Mod Information
Mod Version 1.0
Creator Uranus
Number of ships 22
Mod code Click here

The mod and all of the ships have been removed from the game and is no longer playable. (Except for Turtle, Lobster, and U-Monitor in their respective mods, or unless you host a modded game of it) More than likely due to the unplayableness of the mod when it was still in Modding Space

Prototypes (also known as Uranus' Starblast Prototypes, Starblast Prototypes or SProtypes - abbreviation as SP) is the newest mod in modding space, made by Uranus, it's 100% combat based and it's the most unique mod in Modding space. You can't mine, but mining is unnecessary in this mod, as you only need to fight other players.

How it Works[]

Uranus's Starblast Prototypes mod is very different and more complex than any other mod in modding space. Here's a how-to on how to play it.

When you join a server, you will spawn in 1 of 2 different bases opposite from each other on the map. On the map, other than team bases, are 2 or 3 capture points. Stay away from the center of enemy bases, as getting too close will instantly kill you. To capture a point, stay in the point for a certain amount of time until it is captured. Your team should try to capture these points, as they are key to gaining the upper hand in the battle. You will have a basic ship to fight with, but you can press L to change your ship, then press any key from 1-8 to select your desired fighter (keys 1-8 will change your ship, key 1 randomizes the ship you will get). Each ship has it's own unique fighting style and will effectively combat in a certain style. But what's most interesting about it is that each ship has a super ability. To charge it up, press key 1, and you will see a meter on the left side of your screen charge up. When it is full, press 1 again to activate it. Once activated, your super ability will either obliterate your opponents, enable you to heal your teammates with ease or shoot a laser that will send your opponent sailing to kingdom come. Asteroids do spawn in the map, but they have high durability and do not yield gems or point; they are merely used for decor and maybe pinning up your opponents to finish them off.

This mod is SUPER fun! If you enjoy fast-paced combat, a lot of action, and a game without the time-consuming process of mining, then this is the mod for you. But on a side note: if you are new to the game and don't have much experience, I strongly recommend you try the Training mode and play some easier games first before trying Prototypes, because it requires really good skill if you want to have fun playing it.

Shipbuilders and Ship Facts[]

Another interesting part about SP is that the ships are not made by 1 or 2 people. Instead, Uranus selects cool ship designs to add to SP. There are ship designs from Uranus, Finalizer, Goldman, MALEFOR, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, and Interdictor-SD. (Mostly Uranus, Finalizer and Goldman ships) Rather than standard ship trees where the player must upgrade their ship, SPrototypes allows for players to choose a ship from the hangar with easy button controls. There are many different ship classes from heavy bombers to light interceptors that offers a variety of ships for players to choose from.

Prototypes mod ships[]

Ship name Picture
Burst Inferno MSF-3
Burst Inferno MSF-3.png
Burstcharger Mk1
Stinger LMT
Stinger LMT.png
Longlegs LRA
Longlegs LRA.png
JMP Flea
JMP Flea.png
Unstablecore LDB
Unstablecore LDB.png
Brrrt LMT
Brrrt LMT.png
GA Linker
GA Linker.png
LSV OnMyPosition
LSV OnMyPosition.png
Hotswap Fighter - Core
Hotswap Fighter.png
Hotswap Fighter - Heavy Pulse Dockable
Hotswap Pulse.png
Hotswap Fighter - Light Pulse Dockable
Hotswap Light Pulse.png
Hotswap Fighter - Bomber Dockable
Hotswap Bomber.png
Hotswap Fighter - Sniper Dockable
Hotswap Sniper.png
Hotswap Fighter - Rammer Dockable
Hotswap Rammer.png
Shadow Phoenix Mk-II
Shadow Phoenix Mk-II.png
Sidewinder LMT
Sidewinder LMT.png
Fusion Burner
Fusion Burner.PNG
Stealth Vehicle Type 1
Wyvern MK II
Wyvern MK II.PNG
Virtual Blade
Virtual Blade.PNG
Roc Birdt D-70
Roc Birdt D-70.PNG
Thunderbird PD-70
Thunderbird PD-70.PNG
Wyvern WX
Wyvern WX.PNG
  • That is all of the ships found in Prototypes!