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Mod Information
Mod Version 1.2.5
Creator 45rfew
Number of ships 34
Mod code Click here

The Rumble Mod is fast-paced team deathmatch mode where two teams of up to 10 players each (maximum player capacity is 20 in this mod) compete against one another to reach the goal first. There is a 50% chance the target goal will be 50 kills in 15 minutes, and a 50% chance it will be 100 kills in 30 minutes. The game ends after the goal is reached or the time is over. If the goal is not reached in time, the team with the higher total kills wins. If the kill count is equal, it's a draw.

This mod was added to Modding space as a modding Friday event on 2020-09-04.

Each round has a random map and ship tier. When players first spawn, they choose from one of 4 random ships (same for anyone entering or re-entering the same round). When they respawn, they keep the same ship they previously spawned with, and they can open a menu to switch to one ship from a list of 3 random ships or keep the same ship.

The score (kill count) of each team is shown in the top-center. The scoreboard shows each player's score (kill count). For each of teams, its actual score is no less than the sum of its players' scores, as players might leave.


The best strategy for this mod is to stick to your team. 2 players will always win over 1. Whichever team has the most cooperation will probably win.

If the enemy team is fighting together with a lot of ships, they will push towards your base. In response, the best strategy to stay near base with teammates, by using chat to say "wait defend base" (T + D + B) or "defend" (D + D + D + D), rather then straying away from base. Because it takes time for them to come to your base after spawning, your team will have limited time to overwhelm their remaining ships with ships spawning at base. Push towards their base only after defeating them and waiting for shield to regenerate.


The Rumble mod offers the same selection of ships as present in vanilla Team Mode plus some ships that have been removed from vanilla. Removed ships such as H-Mercury and Toscain are present and buffed for balance purposes.

The tier is selected as in this table:

Tier Chance
1 0%
3 6.93% (7/101)
4 9.90% (10/101)
5 24.75% (25/101)
6 32.67% (33/101)
7 25.74% (26/101)


The Rumble Mod offers the user a selection between various different maps! All maps have an equal percent chance of being featured.

Here are the maps present at the time being.

Note: Click on the map name to see the map pattern in Map Editor

Map Name Designer Picture
Dimension Liberal
Waves Kirito
Atoms 45rfew
Slides Healer
Rammer's Paradise Destroy
Barriers Healer
Stadium 2.0 Stadium
Heartache GumZ
Angles Alpha Dynasty
Butterfly Healer
Duality Crispybreads
Dominus SChickenMan
Speeder's Paradise Little-dino123
Branches Healer
Passages Healer
Parenthesis EDEN

Removed maps[]

The list below is a list of removed maps from the rumble:

Map Name Designer Picture
Boxes 2.0 Eden
Alleyway Healer