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Shields protect an entity, as a major component of its health. There are currently three objects in the game that have a regenerating shield system; the player's ships, the team mode stations and Aliens. Asteroids have shields, but they are invisible and do not regenerate. However, in Battle Royale, shield regen is zero. Shields act as health buffer that has a defined maximum capacity and regeneration rate at which it refills.

Gem-Backed Shields[]

Each time either a ship or a station module is hit by a damaging or healing laser, and it still has shields, a shield model will appear around the entity for a few moments. The shield model is essentially just an enlarged version of the base entity model with a transparent texture.

When depleted, the shield model is temporarily hidden until it regenerates. Damage that the shield does not absorb causes the gem cargo to leak.

Ship Shield[]

The current level of shields is shown in the blue bar at the top left of the in-game GUI.

Empty Shields.png Partial Shields.png Full Shields.png

Shadow X-1 Shields.png
Station Shields.png

The shields on ships differ in both capacity and regeneration rate between each ship. Both of these statistics can be upgraded in exchange for gems on every ship tier other than tier 7. The 1 key corresponds to the shield capacity and the 2 key corresponds to the shield regeneration rate. Like all other upgrades, these increase linearly by a fixed amount per upgrade, depending on the ship.

When damage is less than the amount of shield remaining, the shield is absolute, taking all of the damage and preventing any gems from being dropped. Otherwise, the ship will receive a much greater amount of knockback, and the shield model will not show up. Any damage that the shield does not absorb will remove gems from the player's cargo. If the shield is zero and gems would drop below 0 (if both shield and gems drop to exactly 0, the ship can survive), the ship will be destroyed.

Battle Royale[]

Ship shields act the same in Battle Royale matches, but they have no natural regeneration. The only way to replenish shields is to pick up shield canisters, which will completely fill the shields when used. With this in mind, the player should exhibit caution when ramming into asteroids or taking minuscule amounts of damage that would otherwise be inconsequential, as they can add up and decide the outcome of a duel.

Station Module Shield[]

The shields on station modules are similar to those on player ships. However, station module shield is not absolute. Gems will begin to bleed from station modules as they are weakened. These gems will start to leak slowly, but the rate will increase as the shield level lowers on the module. In normal modes, all gems will be drained before the module is destroyed, but in AOW, the gem capacity is so high that it is possible to destroy a module even when the station still has gems.

You can increase and decrease the shield regeneration of all base modules by changing the station regeneration multiplier in the Custom Game Creator or through the mod editor.

Level Depot Module Shields(Regen) Spawn Module Shields(Regen) Normal Module Shields(Regen)
1 5000(16/s) 4000(12/s) 2000(9/s)
2 6000(19/s) 4500(14/s) 2500(10/s)
3 7000(22/s) 5000(16/s) 3000(11/s)
4 8000(25/s) 5500(18/s) 3500(12/s)

Non-Gem-Backed Shields[]

When shields are depleted, the entity is destroyed, causing all gem cargo to drop at once.

Asteroid Shield[]

Asteroids' shields are invisible, and when depleted, the asteroid is destroyed, dropping gems.

Alien Shield[]

Aliens' shields are shown in the saturation of the alien's color. When depleted, the alien is destroyed, dropping gems.