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The Solarium Interceptor is a ship only usable by the Solarium team in the mod Destroy the Mothership. It is a lightweight and fast ship best used in a hit and run playstyle.

Solarium Interceptor
Solarium Interceptor.png
Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 505/505
Shield Regen 15/15
Energy Cap 390/390
Energy Regen 120/120
Turning Rate 85/85
Acceleration 120/120
Terminal Velocity 145/145
Stats (Constant)
Tier 7
Mass 435
Designer Kirto
Status Active


Strong against: Slow, bulky ships, and ships with low DPS as the Solarium Interceptor can easily destroy those ships with it's higher DPS. It is also effective against ships with low shields attempting to run, as the Solarium Interceptor has high speed.

Weak against: Rammers, ships that have a high damage and high knockback pulse, and also ships that have a superior DPS such as the Lunatic Lobos, but only if you aren't paying attention and fly into their stream of lasers.

Playing as the Solarium Interceptor

The Solarium is a lightweight, fast, and high firing rate ship, similar to the Solarium Reaper but much less frail, so is best used when combined with a couple other Solarium Interceptors so as to run devastating hit and run raids. It is also able to effectively destroy slow and bulky ships that don't have enough agility by circling the ships by using RCS and firing at the same time, as slow and bulky ships usually don't have enough agility to keep up with the Solarium Interceptor.

Against the Solarium Interceptor

The Solarium Interceptor is lightweight, meaning it will be knocked around easily by ships such as the Lunatic Tarantula. Fast ships such as the Lunatic Invader are also able to fight the Solarium Interceptor because of their similar stats, with Solarium Interceptor having slightly more agility and shield regain, while the Lunatic Invader has more shields and is capable of taking more damage.