Starblast Wiki
Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 300/100
Shield Regen 3/3
Energy Cap 220/60
Energy Regen 80/100
Turning Rate 30/60
Acceleration 50/100
Terminal Velocity 150/150
Stats (Constant)
Tier Prototypes ship
Mass 130
Designer Uranus Orbiter
Status Active

Splitter - high-acceleration broadside bomber.

Success of Unstablecore LDB did not go unnoticed. Bombers are clearly a great concept, although their combat strength is somewhat low against fast, small, agile fighters. They are mainly designed for engaging large, slow targets, and Prototypes tests kinda lacked those. Yet that considered, Unstablecore turned out to be a worthy opponent even for agile fighters.

Another problem Unstablecore faced, which is fundamental to all inertial bombers, is the necessity to direct itself straight at the enemy to make own bomb connect.

Splitter addresses both issues. First, with its alternating-sides bomb launcher, which features extremely high recoil and reasonable DPS. Being a broadside weapon, it solves the issue of going at the enemy directly - and via its recoil, it makes Splitter extremely tough to hit, greatly increasing its combat potential. Yet, pilots often complain about its alternating nature - sadly, the protocols of Starblast didn't let the engineers solve that issue properly.

Starblast splitter.png

The former issue is addressed by this ship's Slug Burst, which is an AOE ability targeting enemy engines. This allows this ship to temporarily turn fast, agile fighters into worthless slugs, that can then easily and efficiently be bombed.


  • Keep your weapon layout in mind while maneuvering.
  • Your weapons will automatically alternate sides.
  • Fly by your enemies and sidestep them with bombs.
  • Use your Slug Burst to make targets easier to hit.