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Starblast racing championship
Mod Information
Mod Version 2.1
Creator Goldman & Notus
Number of ships 7
Mod code Click here

What is the Starblast racing championship?[]

SRC - version of racing for experienced players, with a focus on accuracy, lack of randomness, racing rules, with real tracks, and of course.. with UPDATES!

Season 3 will be held here:

Details about the mod[]

Development of the mod began in August 2019, when the first season began. It lasted until the end of the year, Omega became the first champion, and in December the first release of the mod in the form of an all-game event was made. At the beginning of 2020, the 2nd open season was held with 2 classifications - in Europe and America. In Europe, the champion became Acar, in America - XyCrosier. The 3rd season will be held in the summer, and it will become a closed league with registration in advance, it is open until June. But you can register as a reserve pilot even during the season. The mod was officially released, replacing the original racing mod on June 19th, 2020.

The creators are Goldman and Notus. Codes of all mods you can find on the repository dedicated to SRC:

Mod features[]

1. No random!

Boosters are located in special zones, everyone can use them.

2. Safe boosters

Starting boost was removed from ships, and a lot of work has been done to balance the boosters

3. Moderation

The server uses auto-detection of afk players and trolls, as well as manual moderation.

4. Tracks, ships

Wide, complex tracks, the number of tracks exceeds 10, all are prototypes of real ones. Balanced ships, a lot of work has been done to try to make the race more convenient. Added 2 new ships. Added the ability to change the ship during qualification

5. Fixes

Added a lot of features, such as the outlap detection system (finds a ship stuck in asteroids, and throws it back), spectator mode, leaderboards, and much more

Format of the championship[]

  • The season consists of ~10 stages.
  • Each stage is held for Asia, Europe and America. The credit is different for each region, and the tables of results are separate.
  • Each stage is held once every 1-2 weeks. It includes qualifying (15 minutes) and a race (10-15 minutes)
  • For the 1st place 10 points are given, for the 2nd-8, then 6,5,4,3,2,1. For the 1st place in the qualification 2 points are given too.
  • 3 people who scored more points in each table in the season get a special badge.


Ships Info[]

Ship name Creator Tier Picture
Booster [SRC edition] Zerd 1 if sprint race, 2 if endurance race
Astral Accelerator [SRC edition] Finalizer
Astral Accelerator.png
V1 [SRC edition] Void
RAD Diamond Lancer [SRC edition] Uranus
RAD Diamond Lancer.png
Vengar [SRC edition] SChickenman
Space Phantom [SRC edition] Goldman
Space Phantom2.png
Zarion [SRC edition] Interdictor-SD
Zarion -SRC edition-.PNG


Ship Advantages and Disadvantages[]


About characteristics[]

SRC ships have different characteristics than average Starblast ships. All characteristics affect movement, rather than shooting, or health. No shield capacity or regen can be lost or gained, and there are no gems to be collected. Instead, all the ships have starting statistics that can not be changed(seen to the right). If one wants a different racing experience, they must switch ships by pressing "e" in the spawn area.

Max Speed: Very similar to speed in Upgrades, this is just how fast the ship can move while moving forward.

Acceleration: How quickly the ship can go from slower speeds to higher ones. Ships are slowed down by turning, asteroid or player impacts, or not moving forward.

Rotation: How quickly the ship can rotate.

Boost Effect: The boost is similar to the Barracuda. Boost effect is how effective the boost is, ie. how far a single boost moves the ship.

Boost Capacity: This is the same as energy capacity, and allows the ship to boost more often. Boosting costs around 60-70 energy, and canisters give 100 energy. Click "Alt" to use canisters.

Mass: See mass. If a ship has a lower mass, it will spin more if it crashes into an asteroid or other ship. If a ship has a higher mass, it will be able to recover faster, making crashes not as time-consuming.

Zoom: The higher the zoom value, the worse the FOV.

Ship characteristics[]

  • + = Advantages
  • - = Disadvantages

Booster :

  • + Has a high mass, so it is very easy to avoid collisions
  • + Has a high acceleration_speed
  • + Balanced by characteristics
  • - A wide hitbox, it's quite difficult to fly on optimum trajectory
  • - Low max speed

Astral accelerator :

  • + Huge top speed
  • + Good zoom
  • - Low acceleration, it's difficult to pass sharp turns
  • - Very low mass
  • - Difficult to control, easy to get stuck

V-1 :

  • + Balanced by characteristics
  • + Sharp nose, so it is easy to pass the cascades of turns
  • + Good top speed
  • - A bit hard to control, and with a sharp nose is easy to get stuck
  • - Several of the characteristics below average

RAD Diamond Lancer :

  • + Increased energy reserve (+40)
  • + Good zoom
  • + Balanced by characteristics
  • - Low speed, some characteristics are also below average

Vengar :

  • + Best acceleration
  • + Comfortable, best rotation
  • + Sharp nose
  • - Very low speed
  • - Bad zoom
  • - Light ship with low mass

Space Phantom :

  • + Huge energy reserve (+100)
  • + Easy to control
  • + Sharp nose
  • - Light ship with low mass
  • - Several of the characteristics below average

Zarion :

  • + Huge energy reserve (+100)
  • + Very efficient energy consumption
  • + Quite dexterous
  • + Quite sharp nose
  • - Weak starting boost
  • - Several of the characteristics below average

Race Tracks[]

Race Track Race Track Image
Chinese GP ChineseGP Map.PNG
Azerbaijani GP AzerbajaniGP Map.PNG
Austrian GP AustrianGP Map.PNG
British GP BritishGP Map.PNG
Hungarian GP HungarianGP Map.PNG
Belgian GP BelgianGP Map.PNG
Italian GP ItalianGP Map.PNG
Russian GP RussianGP Map.PNG
Japanese GP JapaneseGP Map.PNG
USA Sprint GP USASprintGP Map.PNG
USA Endurance GP USAEnduranceGP Map.PNG