Starblast Wiki
Stinger LMT
Stats (Min/Max)
Shield Cap 450/450
Shield Regen 3/3
Energy Cap 300/300
Energy Regen 65/65
Turning Rate 105/105
Acceleration 30/30
Terminal Velocity 150/150
Stats (Constant)
Tier N/A
Mass 100
Designer Uranus Orbiter
Status Active

Stinger LMT - efficient and deadly, although lacking acceleration.

Light Mobile Turret

A medium-sized fighter with a powerful reactor, deadly twin pulse weapons, and horrific abilities.

The ship itself lacks acceleration quite badly, however the turning rate is exceptional. It features two identical, heavy pulse weapons on its sides, accompanied by 4 puny rapid-firing blasters.

Starblast stinger.png

This ship also features two AOE abilities, that allow it to boost self and teammates within a small range. Utilizing a unique, recently discovered technology, it is able to either boost the engines, or boost the DPS and weapon power of ships in range.


  • This ship is somewhat sluggish: don't rely on dodges.
  • You're the heart of a good offensive - use your abilities near teammates!
  • Abilities apply to your ship and all teammates in range. Use that to your advantage!
  • Simple and efficient.
  • Sting like a bee and show them who's the boss!
  • Sometimes you just have to fly like a butterfly in between enemy blasts.