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Not to be confused with Team mode

Teaming is when two or more ships agree to not attack each other and to support each other by either attacking as a group, defending each other or mining together.

Survival Mode and Battle Royale[]

Teaming is a very controversial strategy. Many players look down on 'teamers' and say that it detracts from the enjoyment of the game because most solo players have no chance against two or three players; However, others say that teaming is an important part of Survival Mode and that it gives new players a much better chance against more skilled players. SDF (Soloist Defence Force), is a clan against teaming full of pilots who win survival mode without teaming, and MDF (MCST Defence Force) is an organization working to prevent malicious behaviour (including teaming) in the MCST mod. The most controversial part of teaming is the teams of upgraded fast ships rampaging the server and preventing everyone else from upgrading. In survival mode, it is common to see people team with the leader as protection or team to kill the leader, who is usually a stronger ship.

Note that it is risky to team with strangers, for they can betray you and attack you when they have the upper hand.

FFA teaming has no set rules or functions, and the more players in a team, the more likely a ship will betray another ship and the team will turn into a giant dogfight.

Teams in survival are easily countered by bouncing lasers.

Pro Deathmatch[]

Teaming is a rare occurrence due to anti teaming mechanics such as the absence of a chat, anonymous ship colors and the absence of names under ships. However, teams are still occasionally seen and are denounced by the vast majority of players. There is also no easy way to counter teamers in Pro Deathmatch since bouncing lasers are not a part of that mode.