Starblast Wiki

Training mode is a mode added to Starblast that enables new players to get a feel of what the game has to offer and how to play it. Or, in short, it helps you to understand/play the game better.

How to access Training Mode

Parts of the Tutorial[]

1. Basic Controls[]

The first part of the tutorial teaches the most basic controls. It teaches you how to turn, shoot and move. All of this can be done with a mouse.

2. Upgrades[]

After you pass the first part the tutorial will spawn an asteroid at the star very similar to those in Invasion mode. If left alone the game will spawn more. The asteroids drop a large amount of gems. After collecting 20 gems, the tutorial tells you to buy upgrades on your ship(Can be done with 1-8 on the keyboard). Then you will need to collect a full cargo again and buy a Tier 2 ship using 9 or 0 on the keyboard to finish this part, depending on the ship you want.

3. Secondary Weapons[]

The tutorial immediately fills your cargo after you get your tier 2 ship and tells you to open the weapon store using "W". It then shows you how to convert your gems to credits(Click where it tells you to). After you convert them all, it adds 920 credits and tells you to buy secondaries. Once you fill your two secondary slots with secondaries, you must close the weapons store. The game will always turn your secondaries into one pack of rockets and one pack of missiles after this to teach you how to use fired secondaries(Scroll with the mouse wheel to change secondaries, press alt to fire). Fire one missile or rocket to complete this step.

4. Advanced Controls[]

This is where RCS is explained. Turning off RCS will make you keep flying in the direction you were already moving in, allowing you to turn and shoot while flying away. The tutorial orders you to turn off RCS by pressing ctrl(cmd button on mac).

5. Communications[]

You now get a brief explanation on the Chat system. To continue you must convey some sort of message. It can be any message using all of the chat keys.

6. Combat Briefing[]

The tutorial immediately buys all ship upgrades on your Tier 2, gets you the next ship(A Tier 3), fills your slots with secondaries and buys all the upgrades on your Tier 3. It then sends a swarm of aliens to attack you. In this step you have infinite lives; you can die as many times as you want and the tutorial will not kick you out of the game or downgrade you. Defeat all the aliens to complete training mode.